Willow Acres Pet Boarding Services
& Fee Schedule

Basic Package:

$29 per night (minimum one night stay). Includes indoor/outdoor run, daily housekeeping, hugs and petting, and light brushing where time permits. We feed your pet your food on your schedule and keep fresh water available at all times. We have lots of stainless steel bowls so unless you think your dog will only use his/her own dishes, you don't need to bring them from home.

Note: We charge by the night regardless of drop-off and pick-up times.

Multiple Pet Packages:

$24 per dog per night. Multiple pets in the same run, includes all services in Basic Package. We have two double-sized runs for large multiple pets.



Additional one-on-one times available at $4.00 per 15 minutes.

Medications $0.50 cents per day
*Note that we can administer pills, ear and eye drops, but we are not qualified to give injections.


Bathing and Grooming: We don't have full service grooming, but a refresher bath is available:

Small smooth dog (i.e. Daschund) $20.00 plus tax.
Large smooth dog (i.e. Doberman) $25.00 plus tax.
Non-smooth dogs will depend on the amount of brushing required.

There is a base $20.00 charge and an additional $10.00 fee for every half hour of brushing as required.

Note: There is a $2.00 per day credit towards a bath for every day your dog is boarded with us.

Out of hours/late appointments $10.

Please note we accept cash or debit - no personal cheques please.
All applicable taxes not included. Rates subject to change without notice.